Version 2.0 – December 2, 2022

– [New Feature] – It is now possible to recover specific orders using the order ticket number.
– [New Feature] – Added a news filter for recovery orders. The bot now has the ability to pause or close recovery orders before news events.
– [New Feature] – Added the ability to end recovery early when there are a specific number of lots left.
– [New Feature] – Added the ability to automatically remove the bot from the chart once recovery is completed.
– [Improvement] – Currency pairs which are not being recovered are no longer displayed in the on chart graph by default.
– [Improvement] – Fixed grammatical errors in the settings input tab.
– [Improvement] – Demonstration set files are now included with the package download.

Version 1.02 – September 24 2022

– [BUG FIX] – Fixed lot calculation for zone recovery