Grid VS Zone Recovery Mode

Forex Recovery Bot features two different recovery systems; grid and zone recovery.

Grid Recovery:

Grid recovery mode uses a classic grid style trading system to close both the grid, and part of the losing order with some profit.

Since both buy and sell orders can be opened at the same time in grid mode, the bot can take advantage of price action no matter which direction it moves.

Additionally the bot includes a trend filter for grid mode, allowing the bot to predict which direction it believe price will go. This can help reduce downdraw by lowering the number of orders that need to be added to the grid.

Grid recovery is generally recovers orders the quickest and is best used in ranging markets.

Zone Recovery:

Zone recovery mode works by creating a “zone” of a pending sell order at the bottom, and pending buy order at the top. When a pending order is executed, the other side of the zone is multiplied. The process continues until price breaks out from one side of the zone and reaches the take profit zone. All orders + part of the closing order is then closed with slight profit.

Zone recovery mode is usually slower to recover losing orders, but is considered safer than grid mode. It is best used on strong trending markets.