Introduction To Forex Recovery Bot

Forex Recovery Bot is an innovative bot designed to recover your account from losing trades and downdraw. The bot works in three stages:

Stage 1: Monitoring

Forex Recovery Bot features a monitoring system that will monitor your account’s downdraw at all times. In the bot’s input settings you can enter a threshold so that once your account’s downdraw enters a certain amount the bot will automatically enter recovery mode, and work to recover the losing trades.

Alternatively you can also adjust the bot’s input settings to begin working immediately after starting the bot.

Stage 2: Order Locking

Upon recovery mode activation the bot will lock all losing orders by opening a single order that will align both the buy and sell order volume together. By locking the orders your account margin will be freed up, allowing for more recovery orders to be placed.

For example: If the bot is recovering a BUY 0.05 lot losing order, the bot will lock & align the order volume by opening a SELL 0.05 lot order at the start of order recovery.

Stage 3: Recovery Orders

The bot will then open recovery orders, and use the profit to close part of the original losing order.

For example: If the bot is recovering a losing trade with 0.05 lot volume, the bot will break down this losing order and close it in parts of 0.01 lot sizes, until the entire order is closed.