Multi-Currency Recovery

Did you know that Forex Recovery Bot can recover multiple currencies at once?! The bot can work aggressively to recover all currency symbols at once, or you can set it so that it will recover one currency pair at a time.

It is recommended to recover one currency pair at a time.

Below you can view a guide showing how to setup multi-currency recovery.

The settings above control how the bot works when there are multiple currency pairs to recover.

Symbols to recover:

If “all symbols” are selected the bot will recover all currency pairs at the same time. This is considered the most aggressive approach, and should be used with caution especially when you have a large number of different pairs to recover.

Magic number of orders to recovery:

If you wish to recover only orders with a specific magic number you can enter it in this field. If you wish to recover all orders you can simply put “-1” in this field.


When this is set to true the bot will close orders that have a profit when recovery mode is activated. Additionally the bot will use the profit from these orders to close losing orders, if possible.

Enable/disable closing charts at recovery start:

If this is set to true then the bot will close all other charts that you have opened. This can be helpful to close other EAs so that they do not run while recovery mode is working.

The final step to configurating multi-currency recovery is adjusting the “recovery order” under the recovery closure section.

Here you can select whether you wish to have the bot recover the newest or oldest orders first.